Steampunk House on MTV's Extreme Cribs Next Week

Now I know MTV has shown some crazy houses before, but this one may take the cake. On August 23rd, MTV Extreme Cribs will feature a visit to the ModVic, a modernized Victorian home with many Steampunk influences.

MTV's Extreme Cribs is now going into architecturally unique and custom homes across the country. Daniel Rosenbaum, 17 years old, acts as the gracious host in giving America a tour of our Steampunk House in Sharon MA.

And if that isn't weird (and cool!) enough for you, check this out:

ModVic pitching Steampunk Design Reality TV Series for the Fall 2011

Bring on da Steam, bring on da Punk -- Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum, are planning to create the most addictive show on TV.

LA producers are coming to Massachusetts the Weekend of August 20th to film a demo reel to pitch a Steampunk Design show around ModVic, their clients and all the Steampunk artists who perform the magic.

Think American Pickers, meeting American Restoration, meeting Pawn Stars, meeting Oddities, meeting this Old House and you might get an idea of what will be on the show.

Source: Bruce Rosenbaum

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