Alpha Comedy Revolutionizes Comics

Creators is proud to announce the launch of a comics-only website that will revolutionize the way fans consume the funnies.

The site, called Alpha Comedy (, combines a unique and user-friendly interface that provides direct access to a wealth of the best, funniest and most-loved comic stripsand cartoonists.

Comic fans will get unrivaled access to their favorite artists, who are actively involved in the Alpha Comedy community. They'll learn that Dave Coverly of Speed Bump could eat Red Vines for the rest of his life and that Brett Koth of Diamond Lil would be a Walmart greeter if he weren't cartooning (apparently he has a thing for blue vests).

Want to get to know an artist? For instance, do you wonder why Ralph Hagen of The Barn added a specific character to his strip? Comment on his page, or send him an email and converse with him directly.

While Alpha Comedy allows fans to immerse themselves in the comic strip world, the site also gives cartoonists a venue for blogging and bragging about what they are up to. Each cartoonist has a profile page where they can post about whatever they want. They can add links to their books, Facebook pages, Twitter profiles and other self-promotion sites.

Creators has reinvented what it means to be a fan of comic strips. Gone are the days of tiny art printed in shrinking newspaper comics pages. Alpha Comedy presents full-sized comics in all their glory - and opens the window on the lives and thoughts of the men and women who create them.

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