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Dara Naraghi's New Comics for January


Dara Naraghi writes... I know 2009 is still a couple of months away, but I wanted to let you know about two comics of mine that will come out in January '09. You can preorder both in this month's Previews catalog.



(Image Comics, order code NOV08 2277)


First up is a book I wrote for the talented Grant Bond (artist on my IGOR comic). Archibald Aardvark is his creation which has starred in a couple of one-shots, and in this issue we crank up the action and noir feel. Here's the solicitation copy:


"Archibald Aardvark thought the murder of his brother was solved, but when a stranger tips him off to a cover-up, he travels to Little China in search of the mysterious "Compassionate Wind of Death"! This noir tale of greed, secrets, and a deal with the devil will have you deliciously anticipating if our hapless hero will survive long enough to stitch together a few answersOeor will he fall victim to the red dragon haunting his fevered dreams? Archibald takes the classic animation of Fleischer Studios and kicks it out a moving car in the middle of Roman Polanski's Chinatown."


TERMINATOR SALVATION movie prequel #1 (of 4)

(IDW Publishing, order code NOV08 4118)


Next up is my 4-issue limited series that leads into next year's Terminator Salvation movie, starring Christian Bale as John Connor.


"The year is 2018. With John Connor as the voice of the resistance, the scattered remnants of humanity find themselves united against their common enemy—Skynet and its Terminators. Through a patchwork system of radio transmitters, hacked satellite phones, and encrypted computer networks, resistance leader Elena Maric in Detroit and Nigerian mining engineer Bem Aworuwa have formed an unlikely friendship and drawn up battle plans to take the fight to the Terminators!"


Be sure to check out the blog for preview pages and more details, starting here:



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