Clive Barker's Hellraiser Collection #1

Reviewed by Scott F. Page


D.G.Chichester, Mike Mignola, Sholly Fisch,

Dan Spiegle, Mark Nelson, Mark Chiarello,

Jade Moede, Carrie Spiegle,

Sherilyn Van Valkenburgh

Publisher-Checker BPG
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Released Fall 2007
25 pgs. Horror

Publisher’s Summary:

One of the most popular horror movie series of all time spawned a landmark comic book anthology which ran from 1990 to 1993. Featuring short stories from the cream of the crop in the comic book industry, this series shocked and entertained readers all across the country. CheckerBPG has extracted the absolute best from this stellar series into the WOWIO e-book collection.

In this issue:

DEAD THINGS ROT: Gardner Delming does the bidding of his evil master until his worst nightmare is confirmed and the two change places.

DEAD MAN'S HAND: The wild west gets a visit from a stranger with a cube who wants to place it in a poker game and raise the stakes a bit.


This is a first issue remake of 22 total issues on wowio. Clive Barker’s classic tales of Pinhead and company are reworked this time around by a talented bunch of current artists and writers. The title is Dead Things Rot in the first installment and believe me they do. When a Cenobite makes a typically one-sided deal with a Mr. Thorndike to return his life to him if he can deliver the serial Killer Delming, things go from bad to worse in a jiffy.


Given the parameters within which the writer had to work, he did an acceptable job of laying out this macabre tale of mayhem. I felt the dialogue was similarly well written and concise, as this medium usually dictates. The art is bold, slick and super illustration(y?). The backrounds are detailed and diverse. Coloring is everything the aspiring ghoul craves, lurid reds and yellows and pools of inky darks. The facial-skin outlet cover is especially gruesome. This tale will definitely put damper on your sunshine and flowers outlook (yeah right, the readers of this title?).


The second offering is an 8-pager called Dead Man’s Hand. Looks like the word "dead" in these titles is trying to tell us something. This particular little honey is a definite nod of the skull to the EC Horror comics of the early 1950’s. And like those venerable ancestors to the horror/slasher/blood/guts/veins genre, this tale has that little whiff of humor and schmaltziness. The dark gambler protagonist is very Wild West Simon Legree, our first clue that clear storytelling not subtlety is the order of the day.


When a contest between an old-west everyman and the mysterious stranger (with the intruiging, little box) plays out to its conclusion, everyone is surprised. Could our cold, cruel anti-hero possibly have a heart deep inside his black chest?


As with the previous story, the artwork here is top-notch. The pacing and placement of panels gives a steady and slow feeling of dread. One can very easily get caught up on some of the myriad well rendered details but not enough to seriously impede an appreciation of the story. I would recommend this issue to any horror buff but is probably a smidge raw for the general reader.


Till next time then kids.

Scott F. Page


Rating the Issue

Story:Overall 9

Art:Overall 9.5


Importance:Overall 9.5
To the Title:9
To the Company:10
To the Medium:10


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