Crossed #0

Reviewed by Josh


Written by: Garth Ennis
Art by: Jacen Burrows
Colored by: Greg Waller
Edited by: William Christensen
Published by: Avatar Comics
Cover Price: $1.00
Release Date: July 2008


Zombies seem to be everywhere nowadays. Books and movies, it does seem to get a bit tired. Thankfully, Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows are changing the survival horror genre around a bit with the creation of the Crossed, an infected group that assaults and kills everyone in their path.


From this opening issue, it’s clear to see that this is going to be a dirty, disgustingly bloody book that will be very enjoyable for all who read it. This opener goes from 0 to 60 pretty quick as a quiet diner turns into a bloodbath due to the Crossed fast. There are definitely things that can’t be discussed in reviews about this book as it’s very no-holds barred.


Garth Ennis isn’t afraid of shock and horror, having developed it on books like Hellblazer and Preacher. Teaming up with Jacen Burrows again, this book will most likely feature very disturbing things every month in these pages. Jacen’s crisp art is very telling and nothing must freak out this artist due to the things he draws in these very pages.


And bravo to Avatar for another $1 issue. Hopefully this is something we can see more of from the company (and maybe even others in the comic industry) as I’m sure it helps get the interest levels up on books like this. Hopefully you have the stomach to keep picking this up as it’s going to be great. After all, we don’t always have to have zombies for a bloody time in a horror comic.


Rating the Issue

Story: 6
Concept: 7
Plot: 6
Dialogue: 6

Art: 7
Style: 7

Storytelling: 8
Color/Tones: 8

Importance: 7
To the Title: 7
To the Company: 8
To the Medium: 8


Alternate Covers


Red Crossed Order Incentive Cover


Wraparound Cover

Reviewer Bio


Name: Joshua Rathbun
email: josh@theropestore.com


Been reading comics: Over 20 years.


Review Bio: I'm from Salt Lake, drug-free and read comics. Go me.


Favorites: Preacher is the all-time favorite.



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