Fire and Brimstone

Reviewed by Matt Levin


Written and Created by:   Richard Moore
Art by:   Richard Moore
Colored by:   Wes Hartman & Robby Bevard
Edited by:   Jochen Weltjens
Publisher:  Antarctic Press
Cover Price:  $4
Release Date: June 2008


Summary of the book:  Bounty hunters, Angel girl and devil girl, hunt escaped demons as an act of penance to their differentLords and masters.


Full Review: Richard Moore creates “Boneyard”; created “Far West” and “Déjà vu”-- funny comics, funny because the characters are clever, witty, human, and drawn to be very attractive.  Moore’s work has clever pacing, knows how to tell a joke, and is really well drawn in black and white--


—the color in "Fire and Brimstone” #1 seems too heavy, almost sodden, making the brights extra garish, brings to mind a smoother-blended but still flexographic color.


Underneath it, though, is Moore’s consistently fine drawing.  And the dialogue is clever-- Angel girl and Devil girl bound together by a big, big mistake. Devil girl, Fire, hauls in felon demons to buy her way out of servitude.  Her partner, Brimstone, is… “I’m God’s avenging …celestial …capturing-evil-guys… angel… thingy…on earth.”   Their penance:   round up the demons they’ve let loose upon the world.  It’s a messy job.


Fire is in constant bad-girl enthusiasm; Brimstone, super-powered slacker. Moore’s got a nice sense of language, nice touches of phrasing (Angel Brimstone at the bar, having had one too many, sums up:  “What’s the point?”/ “There IS no point.”/ “That’s my point.”   Sadly, though, it’s the puke joke that makes me laugh loudest.


As with all of Richard Moore’s comics, I can enjoy F&B#1 in many re-readings, the good test of quality.  It's $4, but quarterly, which spreads the expense.


Rating the Issue

1 to 10 category score area:


Story: Overall –  8
Concept –  8 out of 10
Plot –  8 out of 10
Dialogue –  10 out of 10

Art: Overall – 9 out of 10
Style –   10 out of 10

Storytelling –  10 out of 10
Color/Tones –  5 out of 10

Importance: Overall:  8
To the Title –  10
To the Company – 7
To the Medium –  5 out of 10


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Reviewer Bio

Name: Matt Levin
email: walkingmancomics@comcast.net


Been reading comics: as an adult, steadily since 1973.


Review Bio: I write/illustrate/produce Walking Man Comics mini-comics, over ten years monthly (and bimonthly, now); garden and keep home with my sweet heart and our 15 yr. old son, and cat; 21st year as a Montessori preschool/kindergarten teacher after 10 years in comics retail, and other, preparatory jobs; songwriter, photographer...words, music, pictures; like the TED talks and NPR enormously. Politically, I’m fearful for our nation's integrity, but I Got Hope.


Favorites: Age of Bronze, Astro City, All Star Superman, Amelia Rules, Boneyard, Conan, Colonia, Castle Waiting, Daredevil, Fables, Fell, Hellboy, Jack Staff, Jonah Hex, Lone Wolf, Mouse Guard, Next Wave, Powers, Spirit, Strangers, Usagi, Wolff & Byrd, Criminal, Echo, Fire and Brimstone, House of Mystery, Madame Xanadu, Mercy Sparks, Top Ten II, Welcome to Hoxford, Young Liars, Zorro.





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