No Hero #1

Reviewed by Josh


Written by: Warren Ellis
Art by: Juan Jose Ryp
Colored by: Digikore Studios
Edited by: William Christensen
Published by: Avatar Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 2008


After the events of the opening issue, we have the funerals of Judex and Doctor Shift, both members of the Front Line who’ve been killed. Carrick Masterson is looking to replace them both now too, so it’s a good time for young Josh Carver to put on a show as a low-level urban vigilante. His bloody ways of cleaning up the vermin in the alleyways has drawn Carrick and his group to bring him in as a recruit. And they know how to make an exit too.


The first thing to say about this is how amazing the art here is. From detailing a man tearing a man’s ears off with his feet, or the detail of a body being driven over, Juan Jose Ryp does not shy away from anything on the artistic duties. While continuing to push the story on, his style really shines when it comes to the action, much as it did in his work on Black Summer, also with Warren Ellis.


This will turn out to be another great Warren Ellis/Avatar Comics project that people will remark over for years to come. Again, these aren’t the typical Hero A punches Villain B shlock that crowds up comic shops. This is a smarter story about being a hero and the after-affects of those decisions, all written as real as could be. Warren makes it seem so real and plausible that people could do these things.


Rating the Issue

Story: 7
Concept: 9
Plot: 8
Dialogue: 7

Art: 9
Style: 8

Storytelling: 9
Color/Tones: 8

Importance: 7
To the Title: 8
To the Company: 9
To the Medium: 8


Pencil Sketches of the Interior Art

(Special Thanks to WhiteChapel)







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