Reviewed by Richard Krauss


By Mike Bertino
Tender Loving Empire, Fall 2007 $10
28 b&w pages, plus green flyleaf and 3-color silkscreened cover
Legal-size digest, saddle-stitch binding



The wheel of fortune spins and you never know where it will land. In this experimental small press comic Bertino offers an intriguing concept. Each of the issue's two stories employ the same script. Every word of the dialogue and narrative is the same, but the settings, characters, and outcomes are another story entirely.


It's a clever idea and makes for a fascinating reading experience. Bertino wisely begins with the more domestic version. By the time you reach the second, you're totally absorbed, racing through to see how he's going to pull off this experiment and where the pinwheel of adventure takes you. A great idea and great fun to read!


Bertino's artwork is a nice cartoony/realistic mix. The backgrounds are sometimes sparse, but he carefully adds the detail where it's needed to set the scene or when it's important to the story.


The wraparound 3-color silkscreen cover is artfully printed on heavy-weight stock. The registration is precise and the colors are rich and saturated as you'd expect. In a way, it's like getting an art print along with your comic, and perhaps that's part of what set the price tag at $10 a copy.


Rating the Issue

Story: Overall 10
Concept: 10
Plot: 9
Writing: 10

Art: Overall 8
Style: 8

Storytelling: 8
Color/Tones: 8

Importance: Overall 8
To the Title: NA
To the Company: NA
To the Medium: 8


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