Our apologies for the clutter!

We're still in the middle of our site upgrade, but things are starting to go into place! There are a few pages and sections that are up.

We'll be putting up sections on each of the major Ringtail Cafe Projects, or books shortly. As well as ongoing news about what's coming up. Sneak previews, prelim art, and all kinds of other goodies.

There's going to be a freebies section (in downloads) where you can get wallpapers, icons for messenger programs, and lots more.

The page for the Confectionaries, and our community forum, as well as our FAQ are all up. More will be added in the coming week.

  • Ringtail Cafe Site redesigned!

  • New Comic for November - The Confectionaries

  • New Graphic Novel Announced - Heartwood

  • New Compilation Announced - blue...

  • New Webcomic- It's All Related

  • New Webcomic - Dead Last

  • New Webcomic announced - Comicsfiles

  • New Webcomic announced - Gill and Ross



It's all related

Dead Last

Clay's way

Wannabez Preview