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Gordon DymowskiIn early October of 2007 we welcomed Gordon Dymowski to Comic Related as the site's first columnist. His column, TV Party, made its official site debut on October 15th, 2007.


TV Party, which goes live each month on the 15th, focuses on comic related television series along with DVD releases and boxed sets. Through the column, Gordon shares his perspective on the world of television, entertainment and cinema targeting what's new while occasionally dipping into past reviewing an older movie or series.


Gordon has been a comic collector most of his life, and a film buff for most of his adult life. When he's not enjoying either a good comic or film, he's working hard saving the world in the social service field. As he explains, "It's much like being a super hero without the tights."


Gordon also does an outstanding blog which we highly recommend titled Blog THIS! Pal. Located at blogthispal.blogspot.com you really can't go wrong when looking for a great read. Gordon also does two podcasts through his blog. Watch for Cast THIS! Pal and Records You Should Own.


If you would like to speak to Gordon and share your thoughts or suggestions, you can e-mail him at blogthispal@gmail.com or stop by the TV Party forum located right here on Comic Related.


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