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Let the games begin!

Well friends, I am pleased to welcome you to my NEW BLOG here at Comic Related.  For those of you who have been readers of my former CR blog or even my first blog, I thank you.  I also vow that this one will be updated a lot more regularly.  How do I know?  Much like my 2009 San Diego Comic Con blog coverage, this blog can be updated from my phone and since I live on the iPhone, I’m pretty certain I’ll be charting my days here on a regular basis.

What’s this blog all about?  It’s a place where I can write.  Sometimes it’s about music, sometimes it’s about comics, often it’s just about my personal life and occasionally it’s about politics.  I like to share, I’m not big on secrets and I welcome all readers.  It’s a family thing…

You may notice the page now has a “featured video” link over on the right.  I kicked it off with some footage shot of John Wilson and I at Mid-Ohio-Con back in 2008.  I can’t believe I used to have hair like that…  If the video has changed by the time you read this, it can still be found (hopefully) right here.

I figured as long as I was updating the blog architecture, I should spring a completely new look on you.  Well, I’m pleased to say that you’re looking at it.  I think it’s a pretty comfortable fit.  I’ll be adding features as I go and I may even pull over some of the content from my former blog (if you see stories earlier than this one below, it’s already happening) in chronological order so the history joins me here.   That though is a goal for another day.

I’ll be back soon with more about the last couple days since San Diego Comic Con.  From comicsXP to Comic Related to life here at the Comic Related farm, it’s all covered ’cause it’s all related.