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The kid is back…

Well friends, here we are several weeks later contemplating a new blog post. To say a lot has gone on in my life would be an understatement. I’ve been through family illness, emotional upheaval, cathartic resolution, the growth of friendship and ultimately a lust for the joy that I feel for my own future.

What the heck am I talking about?

First, my mom has been ill, but she made it through a scary time and has come out the other side. She’s still getting back her energy, but I sincerely hope she is on the mend because she deserves a whole lot of time in her life where she feels filled with energy and excitement once again. Heck, she has a city to help run… She can’t be on the sidelines!

Next, at about the same time all that life stuff went down, my wife Katie and I decided to continue our lives individually celebrating our futures and parting this marriage as friends. It’s never easy to go through this kind of change, but Katie and I have been doing really well (much to the shock of everyone around us). Our life together has been a good one and we’ve been very good for each other. We’re simply on different paths in life and we acknowledged that was a legitimate reason to make a change. We’ll celebrate each others success from a distance rather than standing side by side and we both have only the best intentions for each other.

Please understand that Katie is a private person and, in many ways, I live my life very publicly. This will most likely be the only mention of this change here in my blog. I’ll continue to tell my story and I wish Katie the very best in life as she honestly does deserve it. She’s an amazing woman who I hope to always call a friend.

So as for me?

I’m rethinking how I want to spend the rest of my life. Long story short, I’ll admit that it’s a pretty freakin’ exiting time to be me. I know Comic Related will be a major part of that new life. I actually plan to travel to more shows in 2011 and really work to make this company grow (which it has been doing by leaps and bounds). I also plan to reconnect with my love of music. I was a radio guy for years and, no, I don’t want to return to that life but I recently spent a night out at a local bar seeing a band I love on a whim. It was one of those nights that really reconnects you with who you are inside. Though I haven’t been out to a live show in years, it was like I never left as I spotted people I knew and a culture I find I actually missed more than I knew.

If I had to sum up my future in one word, it would be an easy choice… Spontaneous.

See you in the next blog post…