Weekend Plans: Twilight Star Studios

You can catch John and I up at the Twilight Star Studios Anniversary Bash this weekend…


Super Fly Comics and Games
132 Dayton Street, Yellow Springs Ohio


Saturday October 23rd

We’ll be there recording audio for the Related Recap, possibly taking part in a bit of video fun and mixing it up with friends old and new.  Should be a cool time.  Also attending the event…

Gary Church-artist and writer (A Matter Of Life And Death, G-Code, Perfect Day, Un-Naturals Resource Book)
Bill Gladman-writer and artist (A Matter Of Life And Death, Business As Usual, N.I.B., Driver’s Seat, Living Dead Girl, The Tree, Un-Naturals Resource Book, Perfect Day Blue Morning, Denial, Jack the Rabbit, Prodigy, Suicide Solution, Necrotrancer, Bumtastic Four, and The Un-Naturals)
Derron Church-artist and writer (A Matter Of Life And Death, Legacy, The Un-Naturals, Un-Naturals Resource Book)
Frank Raynor-writer (Business As Usual, Dead Money, Perfect Day)
Chad Strohl-writer and artist (Did Somebody Call for A Hero, Mouthful Of Spiders, The Trouble With Units, Un-Naturals Resource Book)
Rick Berry-artist/letterer-(Legacy, Jack the Rabbit, Denial, Prodigy)
Joe Pruitt-artist, writer, and letterer (Brit And Ivy, G-Code, Necrotrancer, Prodigy, Bumtastic Four)
Tim Hagans-writer and artist (The Cowboy, The Kid, And The Samurai)
Chris Metzger-artist-(N.I.B., Grass Roots, Un-Naturals Resource Book)
Raichal Gladman-writer (The Tree)

See you there!

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