Not True Neutral About The Chaotic Good

Last night was a fun night.  I headed over to Cosmic Charlies expecting a blast from the past and was pleasantly led down a decidedly new road.  You see, some friends of mine owned a fun little house/dj club called DV8 back in the early 90′s here in Lexington. I went through a period where I enjoyed my share of house music.  If I were honest with myself, it probably had more to do with dating and seeing the sun come up the next morning than the music, but that was a very different time and I was a younger guy.

Anyway, I mention that as last night I went into the show wondering if I was going to feel pulled back a decade (which really wouldn’t have been the goal) or surprised.  I was surprised.

The guys spinning (The Chaotic Good with Brocktologist and the Corduroy Mavericks opening) were taking full advantage of the technology available today via light boxes, mac computers, iPads and digital turntables.  Via this mix, they blended the music in a way that was really creative and surprisingly exciting.

What kind of floored me (especially when listing to Brocktologist) was a sense of drama to the music.  They didn’t let the beat tear into a drone like it used to back in the day.  Here, they worked the music so there was clear build-up and payoff time and again.  The way it flowed from entry to exit and changed over and over taking new directions held my attention all evening.

For someone who normally wouldn’t go out of my way for this kind of mix, these guys won me over quickly.  This turned out to be a perfect example of what I was blogging about last night.  There are things I found here that I will hold onto and I would absolutely go out of my way to see The Chaotic Good in the future (even if they did disappoint by not rolling out the 8 foot tall robot).  What was brought to bear was amazing to watch.  Where I’m used to a bit more brute force in my music, this show knocked me out with pure style.

Oh yea… Also… The hula hoop dancer didn’t hurt.  Video and more photos over on my Facebook page.  Cheers!

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