A Horse on Campus?

Often while Katie goes for evening riding lessons I’ll stay and work at UK. She’ll call when she gets close and I meet her on a main road hopping into the side seat of the horse trailer.

This evening Harry got to see campus. Katie forgot her phone and had to come in to the office to get me.

Yep, this is our horse trailer parked in the middle of the University of Kentucky campus…

Update – Little did we know that our fun was only just beginning.

As we pulled out, Katie let me know that we were running on fumes.  She had planned to gas up as she was leaving her instructor’s farm.  Turns out her debit card was with her phone and she was money free for the return trip.  After picking me up, we limped to the gas station.

Think the fun’s over?

Nope…  We blew a tire on the truck about 10 miles from home.  A half hour changing a tire later, we were back on the road and headed home.  Just moments before it blew I was telling Katie it sounded like she was about to lose a tire.  Good ear, huh?

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