Our New Yard Gnome

Okay, okay… No, I do not have hard gnomes.  That said, we do have a semi-permanent new resident you just have to see to believe.

As you may know from reading the blog, there has been a crew here painting our new fence this week.  Well, they use an old truck and don’t let anyone tell you that fence painting is a clean job.  Just look at it…


That is NOT a black truck.  Toward the end of the job on Monday, the brakes gave out on their twilight tinged trailer truck and it has become a new fixture in our pasture.  Sure, they’ll come along with a flatbed soon and grab it, but it’s utterly amazing just how dirty this truck actually is.  I don’t know how they see out of it to paint.

Over the 48 hours it’s been here, there has been a nice collection of spiders taking up home on it’s surface…


The truck has so much character to it, I almost hate to see it go.  Roll that puppy out front the end of October and it could be the start of a wonderful Halloween decoration… ha ha

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