Girl Genius and Reading Comics

Since this blog is going to be a regular, daily blog for me (that’s the goal anyway) one thing I want to do is begin sharing what I’m reading, comic-wise (or book-wise if there is ever time for me to read a book). My mainstream comic reading has derailed a bit over the last few weeks due to San Diego and getting life back up to speed post-San Diego.

I’ll be diving back in this week for the latest installment of the Why I Love Comics podcast, but I think on that front my pull list will be a bit more limited than the full list we cover each week on the show. I’m working on that update right now and will chat with my good friend (and show originator) Eric very soon. I am a bit in awe of Eric’s pull list. He literally devours an ultracool mountain of comics each week. He even scores the honor of being the single individual I know who reads the most comic-wise each month. I tip my hat. The sequential literacy is strong in that one.

I’m learning that I can’t read everything mainstream AND read all the indie books I want to write about so I’m working toward a compromise that allows me to contribute to the podcast in a solid way and continue my indie exposure. It’s a work in progress. I’ll report back.

girlgenius_omni1So… Over the last couple days, I’ve been really into Girl Genius by Phil & Kaja Foglio. It’s a web comic which can be found at that is collected in beautiful full color volumes and smaller b/w omnibus editions. Onmibus #1, which I’m working through now, collects the first three volumes of the series. Basically, it’s about 320 pages and I’m 170 pages in. So far, it’s fun and they’re spending a lot of time getting you introduced to a massive cast. Very humor-steampunk in nature and the art is crisp and detailed. Adventure, romance and mad science. Who could resist?

Okay, I’m going to tug on your geek-cred here just a little and ask if we have in Dungeons and Dragons players in the house? If you were a hardcore paper and dice gamer back in the day (I’m talking 2nd edition style AD&D), you may remember with fondness Dragon Magazine. Well, Phil Foglio did the What’s New With Phil and Dixie cartoon that ran in the magazine. You may also recognize his art from the Myth Adventures novels by Robert Lynn Asprin. I first learned of his work in Dragon. As for this current epic (I believe there are now eight volumes out), it was only through the recommendation of Bill and Wendy Love that I jumped into the series picking it up and meeting the creative team in San Diego.

So far, I do not regret the purchase.

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3 Responses to “Girl Genius and Reading Comics”

  1. Liam Bradley says:

    It’s disturbing how many comic Eric reads. How does he get anything done?

    I’m really going to check Girl Genius out, I hear it won a Hugo? That’s crazy.

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