Ah Spring!

I’m pleased to report that, following a rough winter it’s great to get outside once again and return to simpler pleasures which I have been missing dearly these last few months.  They say a picture is worth 1000 words so here are six thousand…

3x22x00 - Katie Riding 010

After the winter we made it through, I simply cannot say how lucky we are and how wonderful it is to see Harry and Katie back in action.  There were days we didn’t know if that would be the case again and I can’t tell you how good this moment made me feel.

3x22x00 - Katie Riding 023

Creek needs weeding.  Maybe after C2E2.

3x22x00 - Katie Riding 005

No matter where you go, the barn cat follows!

3x22x00 - Katie Riding 022

Just over the fence a cattle conference watches on.

3x22x00 - Katie Riding 014

Stumping for attention.

3x22x00 - Katie Riding 026

Harry says “hey”

There is grass to cut.  There are sun filled evenings ahead.  There is lunch by the creek.  There are roads to wander.  There is wine to drink and there are star filled nights to enjoy.  Ah Spring… Pretty cool.  Cheers and welcome!

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