Rolex Three Day Event 2010

For a three phase event spanning four days I was only able to take in a single day this year.  Traditionally I make it to about three days. and Katie actually made it to all four.  Sadly, I had to work Thursday and Friday but Katie hopped over to the horse park both days for the dressage phase.  We had planned to enjoy our annual tradition of wandering the horse park for the cross-country phase yesterday (where the horses are out galloping and clearing natural and man made obstacles), but Harry came up lame before we left and a visit from the vet derailed those plans.  In the end we enjoyed a quiet day at home and Harry only had a stone bruise which he’s already working past today.  That was the first time Katie missed cross country in more years that I can explain.

The stadium jump phase was the only portion I took in and it was amazing fun.  Rolex is always a wonderful change of pace (and a family tradition for me) which takes me outside, into the sun and in the company of some of equestrian’s best horses and rides.

While there today, I took a nice mix of shots with my cell phone.  Click here to jump over to my facebook gallery and check them out.  Almost 40 shots in total.

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