Related Recap #323: Patrick Shand


In this episode of the Related Recap, John and Brant speak with Zenescope Entertainment writer Patrick Shand about the various titles he’s working on, including the recently wrapped Robyn Hood and Godstorm miniseries, and the upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 event Unleashed and so much more.

Plus, John and Brant talk a bit about what’s coming up for Comic Related both on the site and on the convention circuit, so stay tuned after the interview for that.

Pat on Tumblr

Pat on Facebook

Pat on Blogger

Pat on ComiXology

Pat on Amazon


News on Zenescope’s UNLEASHED

Preview of Robyn Hood #5 Here on Comic Related

Another Interview with Patrick Shand on Comic Related

Also, check out the Related Recap subsite:


When To Find What

In The Episode

00:00:00 – Intro

00:00:25 – Opening

00:03:01 – Patrick Shand

00:59:32 – Wrap-up

and CR Talk

01:06:34 – Music to Close

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  1. RelatedRecap says:

    Pat posted this on Facebook today as well:

    Ralph Tedesco announced it, so here it is here – in May, Zenescope Entertainment will publish a new series, WONDERLAND: DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE. This is a direct follow-up to ALICE IN WONDERLAND, and I’m co-writing it with Raven Gregory. It picks up with Alice years after she emerged from the realm of dreams… before she is lost to insanity. Before her daughter wages a war on Wonderland. Before the current on-going series and before Raven’s trilogy. This is the story of a woman trying to keep her family safe while unimaginable horrors are pushing at them, unseen, from all directions.

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