Related Recap #303: 4 Year Anniversary!


John Wilson and Brant Fowler are joined by the show’s creator Chuck Moore, as well as Darren Mueller and Eric Adams as the five reminisce about the Recap’s and Comic Related’s history. Listen to them talk about how each of them met, who the first guests on the show were, and so much more!

Plus, Decapitated Dan and guest Lonnie Nadler bring another edition of their segment talking about the Ghastly Awards and recently released horror comics.

And finally, Bill Gladman brings us another installment of his Life in Four Colors column – the audio edition.

And that’s not all! Look for a special extra episode of the Recap very soon!

Also, check out the brand new Related Recap website (official URL to follow)!


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What Was Mentioned in the Episode

Lexington Comic & Toy Convention

Gem City Comic Con

Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo (C2E2)

The Ghastly Awards

Life in Four Colors

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